Why choose Award Force? 

Commitment. Expertise. Care.

Award Force is not just software. It is our passion.
We want to ensure your program success by providing the best possible product to achieve your program goals, and by being there for you when you need us, every single time.

Grow your awards

Award Force clients achieve 26.35% growth in entries, season-on-season.

Unlimited everything

Run programs with unlimited entrants, categories and submissions. 

Outstanding uptime

99.9% uptime in 2018.
The other 0.1%? Maintenance.

Trusted by world-leading organisations to recognise excellence

All the benefits of SaaS

Award Force is software-as-a-service and this means you get a platform that is already built and ready to go. It is highly configurable, fast to get started and you benefit from our regular innovations and improvements.

Your IT team will love working with us because they don’t have to develop a thing and we take full responsibility for maintenance and updates.

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Great return on investment

We’re proud of our software’s exceptionally positive return on investment. What does it mean to you? Check out our ROI calculator, contained in our justification toolkit, to see how much you could save (and potentially, earn) using Award Force.

Download our justification toolkit

We love this platform! So easy to customise.
Saved so much time, and support was spot on!”

Jennifer Gervais

Help with managing risk

We have all the right features to minimise your exposure to unwanted activities and errors. Say goodbye to spam entries and unauthorised program access and hello to top-tier security and user-orientated features designed to encourage submissions and save work in progress.

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From 0 to 100, in no time

Let’s be frank, this is what we do. Over the last 5 years, we have worked with programs in more than 50 countries and a wide variety of languages, and have learnt a thing or two about getting programs up and running quickly.

We guide you through setup and configuration and ensure that your program is ready to launch before you start accepting entries/submissions.

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Trust, transparency and good business practice

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a company that cares about your success? Well, you can if you choose Award Force!

We are people too and we believe being good is good for business. We are 100% committed to transparent dealings with every one of our clients. This is reflected in our commitment to GDPR, focus on security, our visible pricing and honest business practices.

A company that cares about the future

Sustainability is a top priority for us at Award Force. We believe it’s important for future generations to have the opportunity to do remarkable things, too. That’s why we carbon offset with Greenfleet, have a zero paper waste policy and provide awards + grants programs with ways to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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Message from our Founder + Managing Director

Everybody loves positive recognition— it’s such an important contributor to growth and development, of individuals, communities and organisations. Our every day is focused on helping clients identify and recognise excellence, because we love what we do and we get to play a part in recognising extraordinary achievements.

Richard de Nys

We’re with you

We have fantastic client service— just take a look at our reviews. From day one, we work with you to help you get the best out of Award Force.

Community minded

We care about every participant in your program and constantly improve our software to create an even better experience for them.

Exceptional ease

Award Force is simple to learn, easy to use and beautiful to look at. Before long, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to run your program any other way.