Awards judging modes 

Four judging modes

There’s more than one way to pick a winner. So we created four distinct online judging modes to use individually or in combination.

All our judging modes are designed to be quick, friendly and easy to use for judges. A beautiful interface presents entries in their best light. And you control who gets access to what area of judging, when, whether invited VIPs or public guests.

Awards management judging modes
Awards management qualifying


Often the first stage in judging, a group of assessors make a call on whether an entry qualifies for consideration. Our “Qualifying” judging system makes it easy to draw a consensus from the crowd.

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Top Pick

Judges choose and rank their favourites out of a field of entries. To determine winners, our “Top Pick” judging system uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV) calculation method widely used for elections.

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Awards management Top Pick
Awards management voting


Fun and simple yet with control over voting rules, participants lodge votes for their preferred entries. Also referred to as people’s choice or audience choice, our “Voting” judging system is great for engaging a wide community of participants through social sharing.

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VIP Judging

VIP judges leverage their knowledge and experience to score entries individually. Our “VIP Judging” system features highly-configurable scoring criteria options to set your judging rubric. Results are calculated and available in real-time.

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Awards management VIP Judging
Awards management manage judges

What else? Tag-filtered panels support the most demanding programs with multiple rounds of judging, multiple awards levels and multiple chapters. For simpler awards programs, Award Force is a walk in the park.

Throughout judging you have an overview of judges’ progress so you know who needs some encouragement as deadlines approach.

Manage judges

Our judging panels allow you to set who judges what, with the click of a few check boxes. Things change, so you can alter panels at any time. Allocate invited VIP judges to specialist panels. Or create a panel for your whole community (or even the public!) to come along and participate in your judging.

We have so many possibilities for you to innovate your judging and engage with your community. If you like your judging process just how it is, that’s fine too, we’ve helped many clients replicate their existing offline judging, online.

Results in real-time

In the end, it’s all about the results. Bringing the whole suite together is our real-time leader board that reports on the results of each of your judging stages. You can filter and sort to deep-dive into what’s happening, as it happens. And of course you can export the results— scores, votes and comments, for your own processing and analysis.

Awards management results