About us

A couple of years ago, we launched Award Force in response to a market demanding a better way to manage awards. Since day one we’ve had fantastic feedback and encouragement from our clients. They love how the system looks, how much it delivers, and how it holds up effortlessly under deadline pressure.

Originally an Australian-based company, our friendly, dedicated team are now spread across the globe delivering a fantastic experience for our fast growing community, when and where it’s needed.

We believe that good design, is good for business. We want the best for our clients, and we don’t take short cuts. In fact, we’ve earned a Good Design Selection and a couple of design awards!

Award Force is many things— a well run company with a clear strategy and focus on execution, staffed with experienced professionals, offering outstanding levels of service. And we are growing for all these reasons.

But the real driver of our success is simple. Award Force is a beautiful system that delivers consistent results.