User registration: Why it’s important to know your program users

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Articles

Big or small, an awards program can have a variety of users. From entrants to judges to program managers and even public voters, your program receives and processes a lot of data. And, it’s important to know the source.

User registration might be seen as an extra step in the process. But, it’s a quick step that builds lasting integrity into your program. User registration may not be appropriate for all programs, but for 99% of programs out there, Award Force recommends you set your program to require registration. Here’s why:

For entrants

An easy process for awards entrantsAn easy, streamlined experience 

In the Award Force platform, once users complete registration, they can start their entry or application, which saves automatically as they go. This means they can stop at any point and return to their entry, increasing the chance for a completed submission and making it an easier, more enjoyable experience. 

User profile options + security

Registered users of your Award Force platform have the option for program and marketing notifications, as well as security options for their account, such as multi-factor authentication. This makes their entry safer and adds security to your program.

For program managers

Exceptional program management

Program managers can better manage their program when they know who their users are. Here’s how:

  • Permissions and roles. You can decide who has access to what in the platform. Assign specific entries to specific judges, use chapter managers to help organise, and decide which parts of an entry your judges can view.
  • Program support.  With access to users’ profiles and associated entry data in the system, you are in a better position to assist your users with any questions they may have. 

Personalised communicationsTargeted, personalised communications

It’s easy to communicate from within the Award Force platform with targeted, personalised emails and broadcasts to your registered users. Let judges know they have entries ready to judge; remind entrants to finish their submissions; or notify all entrants of finalists and winners. 

Fraud prevention and data protection

Through the registration process, you can detect fraud and add a level of increased security to your program. Award Force comes with built-in audit functionality. This means you can easily check when an entry was altered, who deleted a category and if any exports have been produced.  You can also easily mitigate the risk of voter abuse (i.e. one unknown user voting thousands of times). The audit functionality also comes with features for compliance with data protection, for example, helping you to easily issue deletion certificates to users who wish to be forgotten.

For judges

Better quality submissions

Registered entrants are responsible entrants because they’re “known”, cutting down on spam entries and reducing the clutter in your program, effectively saving you time. 

A streamlined judging experience

With known users, judges can easily be assigned specific entries, making it easy to assess and leave comments and feedback for entrants and other judges.


Requiring your awards program users to register before entering, judging or voting will only add credibility and security to your program. And the Award Force application makes registration quick and simple, giving you and your entrants a seamless, powerful experience – one that will keep your participants coming back, season after season.


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