Feature focus: Auto-scoring for awards entry moderation

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Feature focus

Moderating awards entries prior to your judging rounds can sometimes include a lot of manual effort. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Especially with our newest feature—a powerful way to save time and fast-track entry moderation, instantaneously! 

Introducing: Auto-scoring! 

What is auto-scoring? 

Auto-scoring is an entry management utility that allows you to automatically score answers to questions in Award Force.

Tailored for programs that conduct moderation on entries prior to judging, auto-scoring drastically reduces the effort of sifting through individual entries by assigning a score to entries based on your predefined criteria. 

How it works

You can add auto-scoring to your entry form in the Award Force form builder. It’s simple to add the functionality to fields with configurable answers.

(Want step-by-step instructions? Visit our Help Centre.)

Auto-scoring in Award Force

As entrants submit their responses, the scores are automatically tallied based on their responses and can be sorted from highest to lowest, allowing you to quickly moderate your awards entries.

Auto-scoring in Award Force

The benefits of auto-scoring in awards management

Save time + costs

Award programs with a high volume of entries can be a time-killer for program managers and judges. With auto-scoring, you can select the fields which are important to you and set values as appropriate. Then, you can pass along only the entries with the highest scores to your judges, which saves time and money.

Increase productivity

When manual tasks are delegated to a digital solution, multiple processes can be handled simultaneously. This leads to higher productivity.

Minimise errors

Mistakes happen and re-reviewing entries can be cumbersome. Auto-scoring can reduce human error in your entry moderation process, building integrity and trust into your program results.

Deliver a better experience for your participants

Using auto-scoring to help moderate entries can decrease the waiting time for final results for your awards entrants and helps cut down on clutter for your judges. A win-win for all! 

Common use cases for auto-scoring

There’s no doubt auto-scoring is a game-changer for shortlisting or longlisting entries. You can use it in a variety of ways! Here are a few ideas on how to leverage it for your awards program: 

  • Put more emphasis on diversity and inclusion in your awards program
  • Shortlist entries in a staff recognition program with a specific number of years of service
  • Screen awards entries in a photography contest for specific subject matter 

The list goes on and on—simply consider your awards program specifics and let auto-scoring do the work for you! 

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