Ultimate entry management 

Manage entries

See all the details of an entry on one screen. Check the categories, chapters, submission dates, update time, location of submission, plagiarism status and a whole load more. This is not your average submission management system.

Awards management manage entries
Awards management entry status

Track (and change) entry status

Easily identify completed entries and entries in progress. And use the status as a means for further engagement with your entrants and submitters. If the situation necessitates it, you can revert submitted entries back to “in progress” or even advise entrants to resubmit. All from one drop-down menu.


Apply tags to entries to help you manage them. Use tags as shortlist indicators, selectors for further communication or even as a means of quickly identifying runners-up and winners later.

Awards management tags
Awards management filter

Filter and search

Find what you are looking for with powerful search and filter tools. You can even save your filter set for viewing later, or share it with your team so they see what you see.

Customised views

Tailor your submission management view by customising both the column layout and visibility. Columns are draggable, sortable and have visibility selections that enables you to make Award Force work for you. And yes, you can save these views for later and share it with your team as well!

Awards management
Awards management report


The dashboard will give you a great overview of what’s happening in your program. Track submitted and in-progress entries, check your daily entry volumes over time, see entries by category, track entry fees and orders, and a whole lot more.

Copy, delete or archive?

You can copy, delete and archive entries in bulk or one at a time. It’s up to you and what your program demands at the time. If you choose to delete an entry, we apply a soft delete to make sure you lose nothing by mistake. Learn more about archiving.

Awards management archive
Awards management duplicates

Keep your program in top shape

Use our manage duplicates and plagiarism detection functionality to keep your program in tip-top shape! Both can be initiated on an individual or bulk basis. Now that’s efficiency!

Learn more about managing duplicates and plagiarism detection.


For programs requiring resubmission from entrants or multi-stage entry programs, use our handy resubmission tool to request clarifications or ask for additional information from your entrants. You can request resubmission on an individual entry or in bulk. 

Bulk resubmission in Award Force