Secure your awards 

Awards management compliance

World-class application security

We are confident that we have one of the most secure online application and evaluation solutions worldwide. If not the most secure.

Award Force is built to ensure your program is reliably available, private, secure and compliant.

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Award management security

Security at a glance

Data encryption

All data in transit (including login credentials and credit card details for paid entry awards) is protected using TLS 1.2 (https) by default with (AES)-256 bit encryption and SHA-256 signed certificates. 

Role + permission access

Award Force has an extensible system for defining user roles and associated system use permissions so that users can only access functionality they’re permitted to.

Server security

Our multi-server architecture is secured in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). There is no access via FTP. Server access is only possible by authorised staff via SSH key-based authentication through VPN access to our VPC.


Award Force is extremely privacy-conscious. Our staff work together to handle your data responsibly and ensure your right to privacy is maintained at all times. Our product is also designed to help you comply with local privacy laws by offering choice in data storage region.

Data regulation compliance

Award Force is packed full of features to help you maintain compliance with data privacy laws and requirements. Our team regularly works to expand our compliance coverage to help you meet your compliance needs.


Awards programs deal in integrity, stability and trust and are mission critical projects. As such, Award Force has been architected and is maintained to be as dependable as possibile. We are committed to delivering a service which is stable, secure at scale, readily available and recoverable.


Awards management data residency

Data residency

When it comes to your data hosting location, you have the freedom to choose between several supported regions.

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