Award Force is SaaS 

Why it matters to you and your organisation

Software-as-a-service, or SaaS, as it is better known, refers to software applications accessed via a web browser, under a subscription arrangement. SaaS software is built to be used by a range of businesses / organisations and is configured to match the requirements of those programs.

This differs from custom built software which is built specifically for you and thus, maintained by you or your organisation. Custom built solutions are obviously an attractive option because of the perceived match between your requirements and the functionality that is built, so why has SaaS become the preferred option?

It’s better for you because…

Award Force is already built

There are no long delays associated with software development, Award Force is ready to go when you are! Simply configure your program, decide when you want to start accepting entries/submissions and you’re all set to launch.

There are no hidden costs


It’s hard enough to cost for a custom-built system to be investigated, designed, developed and delivered. It’s even harder to cost for the maintenance. Where do you start? Hosting fees, internal resources, specialised skills, maintenance and time, it all adds up.

Unlike a custom-built system, Award Force is purchased through an easy-to-understand annual subscription. No hidden costs, no surprises down the track.

Award Force is highly configurable

Most organisations have specific requirements, which can lead to thinking a custom-built system is the only option. This might be the case for other types of SaaS software, but Award Force was designed to be used by a range of organisations in a variety of unique ways.

Our flexible and highly configurable platform offers a comprehensive range of options. We deliver exceptional outcomes for even the most demanding program requirements . You can theme Award Force to create an integrated brand experience, use a custom domain, accept payments, configure how you want entries to be submitted, decide if they are to go through an approval process and use nifty features and comprehensive judging modes to help you find the submissions worthy of your program adulation.

It’s fast to get started

We have a proven “getting started” process backed up by our incredible client success team, designed to get you going from day one. We’ll learn about your program, you’ll learn about Award Force and we’ll make the magic happen together, in no time at all.

Your program is supported non-stop

With a custom-built system, once it is delivered to you, the developers, whether internal IT team, or web development agency, move on to other projects. If you need support, there are no guarantees those costly resources will be available when you need them.

With Award Force, support is assured, ongoing and proactive. It’s also freely available year-round and at every stage of your program. If you need help, we’ll be there to solve your problem and get you back to doing what really matters.

There is collective wisdom in how Award Force is built and maintained


We deal with a diverse range of programs and approaches. You get the collective wisdom of program managers from all over the world infused into both our product and our support, ensuring your program is using best practice industry features and you are getting the help you need in ways that suit you best.

You get a constantly improving product

If all goes well, a custom-built system will give you all the functionality you need today but none of the features you need tomorrow. Not without a price and a fair amount of work!

With SaaS software like Award Force, feature development is continuous. New features, security updates and design enhancements are released regularly, and best of all, they are free!

Your IT team will love it

No development effort

Compared with custom built solutions, SaaS represents huge value— there’s no need to spend the enormous amount of time and expense to specify features; commission and project manage development; manage hosting, backup and security; monitoring and uptime management; ongoing maintenance and improvement— the list is endless, and custom solutions cost exorbitant amounts of money. Instead, with SaaS companies like Award Force you get a stable and proven solution with ongoing innovation and improvement, for a set annual fee. And it’s ready for you right now— not after months of development effort.

We take care of all the underlying maintenance

Companies like Award Force host and maintain the application in the cloud and this means we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to updating the application, and all the underlying servers and systems it relies on. This makes the administration of Award Force incredibly easy and frees up your IT team to focus on other activities.

No manual product updates

Your IT team never has to check for, download or install updates to keep Award Force running. Award Force is provided to you via a web browser and we automatically serve you the most up-to-date version of Award Force, every time you log in.


Summing up the benefits

For you

  • No downloads

  • Global access

  • Automatic updates

  • One annual service fee

  • Easy administration

  • Ongoing innovation

  • No development

  • Fast deployment

For your IT team

  • No development effort

  • No server/system maintenance required

  • No manual product updates

If you are looking for software to help you professionally manage your program and a SaaS application sounds like a good fit for your business, get in touch and let us help you make the transition to the world’s leading award management software. It’s so much easier than you might think!

More features for you

Managing your program

Powerful configuration options. Easy program management. Relaxed teams.


Sophisticated yet easy to use.
Helps your judges make great decisions.

Entrant experience and usability

All the features to help your entrants submit better, and more entries. 


Features to help you match your brand and extend your visibility