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Good Grants is a new product from Creative Force, the same team behind award-winning cloud software: Award Force. Good Grants offers a better way to manage grant and scholarship programs, it has all the functionality you need and comes with fair, democratised pricing on a month-to-month basis.

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Good grant decisions

Good evaluation leads to good decisions and grantmaking. Grant application evaluators will love how fast and smooth it is to evaluate applications.

Visibility + control

Deliver the right outcomes time-after-time with flexible configuration options and management tools at your fingertips.

Save time, save money

Free up your time to focus on making your grants the best they can be thanks to reduced admin and support effort.

You look good

Distinguish your grant program with a friendly, intuitive system in a beautiful design that’s a joy to use.


Boost confidence and discard stress, you’ll be in good company using our reliable and secure system that performs under pressure.

Grow your grants

Increase the volume and quality of grant applications, with features designed for outstanding integrity and results.

With so much to manage during a grants program, you need the right solution to maximise quality applications, manage the evaluation process, and feel confident with the integrity of the results.

Good Grants is trusted by world leading organisations to help power positive change

It was a lucky day when I stumbled upon the Good Grants website”

Jeannette Beranger


Managing your grants program online is actually fun with Good Grants.

See how your grants are tracking at any time, with powerful real-time reporting tools which help you provide the required information to your stakeholders with minimum fuss.

Good Grants helps you streamline your administrative processes and reduce support calls from applicants and evaluators so you can focus on making your grants program the best it can be.

You’re in control

  • Make system configuration changes directly
  • Easily themed to suit your brand
  • Flexible configuration for your unique program needs
  • Life-cycle management: planning, applications, evaluation, grant distribution, close-out
  • Real-time reporting and export of filtered data sets
  • Easy to track progress at any time
  • Manage allocation of funds from multiple budgets
  • Full database of all users
  • Native integration with Salesforce for two-way data exchange
  • Exports and bulk downloads
  • Support when you need it
  • Yes, it’s actually fun!

See feature list for more detail


Good Grants provides an intuitive environment for applicants to create and submit their grant application quickly.

With Good Grants your applicants have freedom to edit and refine their application right up until your deadline, even after submission.

Ease-of-use encourages more and higher quality applications, and higher user-satisfaction than alternatives.

Easy for the applicant

  • Easy, fast registration
  • Welcome message and contextual information
  • Auto save as you go
  • Changes after submission
  • Intuitive application process, no training required
  • Application management
  • Easy application into multiple grant categories
  • Preview entry, download PDF record
  • Award-winning system design

Great for you

Features to deliver the outcomes you need

  • Unlimited applications
  • Track volume
  • Track completion status
  • Easy notification and broadcast communication with applicants
  • Flexible configuration of grant categories and criteria
  • Configurable application workflow
  • Any file attachments, unlimited size

See feature list for more detail

Evaluate  /  Decide

You want certainty that grants go to the most deserving applicants. A good evaluation process leads to good decisions, and good grants.

Good Grants has a powerful suite of evaluation tools that can be configured to suit your evaluation process, and to make good decisions.

Third-party evaluators are highly valued contributors to grant-giving programs. We help you be considerate of their time by providing a clear, easy to use way of reviewing and evaluating applications.

Reviewers view

  • Reviewers only see applications allocated to them
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Reference notes only they can see
  • Shared comments

Your view

Features to deliver the outcomes you need

  • Powerful configuration of decision process and panels
  • Built-in acceptance of confidentiality agreement for reviewers
  • Scoring audit matrix provides visibility and confidence in score breakdown
  • Real-time evaluation leaderboard
  • Manage shortlist through to grant recipients
  • Tablet enabled decision-making is great for live, in-person evaluation
  • Any file attachments, unlimited size

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