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Program management

Entry submission management

Track, manage, tag, filter, search and report on entries in real-time.

Multi-chapter awards

Manage and judge program by geographic or division breakdown with configurable chapters.
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Content management

Present information about your program in-context with entry and judging processes. Directly update and manage content immediately.

Exports and downloads

Always have access to all your program data. Export and bulk download what you need, when you need it.
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Season archive

Each new program season is a breeze to start. All past season entries and judging results are kept available in your online archive.

Powerful configuration

Control your program with direct access to powerful configuration options. Changes are as easy as the click of a check box.
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Salesforce integration

Integration with Salesforce facilitates native two-way data exchange. Easily keep your customer information up-to-date and in-synch.
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Role management

Granular control over the roles and permissions of everybody that interacts with your program online.

Unlimited users, entries, files

Grow your program without limits on how many users you can have, how many entries, or how much data you use.

Security, privacy, integrity

All features are architected and implemented with best-practice security, privacy standards and protection of data integrity.
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Integration API

Developer API to integrate your program data with your other business systems.
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Absolutely brilliant way to manage high profile events and excellent support staff on hand to offer assistance as and when required.

Rebecca Ellero


For promotion

Custom branding

Extensively customise platform presentation with ease, to suit your program brand.
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Social sharing

Built-in social features encourage social sharing, increasing your program visibility online.

Sponsor visibility

Offer your program sponsors more value with high visibility opportunities across the whole program life cycle.
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Set up galleries of winning entries, short list, finalists, anything— with little effort. Set them to go live automatically at a set time.


Provide judges' feedback directly to entrants with the click of a few check boxes.


Easy to use - staff are friendly and very helpful. Had lots of features we used including mail outs, providing judging feedback and exporting of data.

Kohde Blackshaw


For entry submissions

Online entry

Accept entries / nominations / applications / submissions for your program around-the-clock, online, with ultimate ease.
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Entries continuously auto-save in the background as participants craft their submission. No risk of entrants losing work.


Review and moderate entries as they're submitted. Only approved entries make it to judging.

Online payment

Eliminate the effort in taking payment to enter awards. Accept payment for entries online, via your payment gateway.
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Accept payment and set your prices in any currencies you choose. Configure GST / VAT according to your local obligations.

Pricing rules + discount codes

Flexibly configure pricing with variants by category, chapter, volume and more. Easily configure discount codes for % off, amount off or alternate price.

Social + mobile authentication

Allow your program participants to register and log in using their email or mobile, Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Streaming video

Uploaded videos are automatically processed for high-definition streaming playback. Originals are retained and available for download.


Fully multi-lingual system interface, professionally translated. Host your awards in one or more of a choice of languages. Currently Arabic, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Welsh. All our translations are commissioned from professional translators, not machine translated. Additional languages can be available by request.

Packing slips

For programs that require physical entry materials be provided, make packing slips available for entrants to print out and send with their shipment. Scan the packing slip QR code on receipt to quickly link with the entry in Award Force.


Easy to use and very intuitive. Captures everything you could think to want in a platform.

Hansika Bhagani


For assessment

Judging modes

Four judging modes for powerful and flexible judging workflow. Qualifying, top pick, voting and VIP judging.
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Judging panels

Quick and powerful assignment of entries to judges. Engage small or large audiences, even public guests to evaluate entries using any judging mode.

Multiple judging rounds

Arrange multiple rounds of judging. Track and compare all scores and inputs to converge on winning submissions.

Judging leader boards

Real-time views of judging status and rankings across all entries and categories. Review and export results.

Judging slideshow

For in-person judging, activate a slideshow to project entry visual content (images and videos) to a large screen, directly from Award Force. Judges can follow along evaluating and discussing entries together.

Review flow

Configure entries/submissions to move through a multi-stage review or nomination process. Perfect for programs that want submissions to be approved, or nominations to be accepted, before judging or assessment.
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It is simple and effective. Our judges need very little instruction. Once they login they can see straight away what needs to be done. Excellent!

Giselle de Castro


For awards, submissions, recognition and grants, Award Force will help you set a new standard for your community. Get in touch for more information— we'd love to hear from you.