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Getting started with Award Force

Whether you are new to Award Force or a seasoned pro, it’s easy to get started.

You’ll have everything you need to successfully launch your awards. Like thousands of awards before you, you’ll find us friendly, methodical and obsessive of a great experience.

Import existing awards data, take advantage of our comprehensive resources, use our famous pre-launch checks (free of charge) and get ongoing support from our 5-star rated client success team.

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Awards management configuration

Comprehensive configuration options

Award Force is supremely powerful and can be configured to run countless types of awards. From nomination programs to art prizes, video awards to architecture and employee recognition to incubator awards, Award Force does the job and more. Much more.

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The world’s most powerful entry form builder

Or so say our clients!

Flexible settings combined with powerful options, featuring more than 15 different question types, best practice entry form layout and conditional logic, all wrapped in a user-friendly drag-and-drop form editor. Award Force makes entry form configuration a breeze. And fun!

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Most powerful entry form builder
Multilingual awards management

Multilingual awards management

Award Force offers a fully multi-lingual system interface, professionally translated by native speakers. Host your awards in one or more of a choice of 25+ languages!

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Accept entry fees and use pricing rules + discounts
(without the middle man)

The Award Force platform accepts online payment transactions for you. All funds go directly from the entrant to you, via your gateway, and your money is never held by Award Force. We don’t take any cut or commission.

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Awards management entry fees
Unlimited awards management

Unlimited users, entries and files

Grow your program without limits on how many users you can have, how many entries you can accept, or how much data you use. We are here to help you grow, do better and reach lofty heights!

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Import your existing awards data

Importing your pre-existing awards data is a fast way to put your data to work in Award Force, save time and save money. You can import your previous entrant data, entries by seasons and categories, any associated media attachments and even past judging results. 

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Import award entries
Multistage awards management

Multistage workflows with Review Flow

Configure entries to move through a multi-stage review or nomination process. Perfect for programs that want submissions to be approved, or nominations to be accepted, before judging or assessment!

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Awards management HD streaming video

HD streaming video

Award Force has sophisticated inbuilt video handling, hosting and delivery capabilities, providing a solid solution for video-centric awards, festivals and gala events.

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Packing slips for physical entries

For programs that require physical entry materials to be provided, make packing slips available for entrants to print out and send with their shipment. Scan the packing slip QR code on receipt to quickly link with the entry in Award Force.!

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Awards management packing slips