Portfolio assessment software 

 For sophisticated assessment of portfolio submissions  

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Portfolio assessment software for submissions of music, film, design, photography, art and more.

Created by designers with creative submissions in mind, Award Force is perfect for accepting and assessing portfolios. It’s fast, secure and offers a great experience for students & assessors.

Trusted worldwide

Accept, assess and provide feedback from anywhere

Award Force is accessible from any internet enabled desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Perfect for online classrooms or international courses.

Assessors see exactly what the student created, online

Playback, view and hear exactly what the student submitted. No downgraded quality. No downloading required. 

Flexible options for assessment

Choose from four powerful and flexible assessment modes. Qualify, score with your own rubric, use Single Transferable Voting (STV) calculations and even open assessment to the public.

Multi-lingual and
multi-currency ready

Fully multi-lingual system interface, professionally translated into more than 20 languages. If you charge for submissions, you can accept payment and set your prices in any currency.


Students can upload HD video, large images and high quality audio easily and quickly.

Easily themed to match your brand

Comprehensive theming functionality enables you to personalise Award Force to match your brand completely.

Manage portfolio assessments with a system designed for creative submissions

Simple to use and stunning to look at, Award Force provides your  students, assessors and your team a great audio and visual portfolio experience


You’re in control

Whatever the portfolio format, Award Force is up to the task — and then some. With full HD video playback, high fidelity audio players and high impact visual galleries, you can beautifully manage any type of portfolio assessment.


  • Use SAML to connect your LMS, website or online learning portal for easy access
  • Use our API and webhooks to pass student data to your existing systems
  • Easily import students and assessors
  • Make system configuration changes directly
  • Manage video, audio or graphic portfolios with ease
  • Beautifully present portfolios to assessors, students and even the public
  • Easily themed to suit your brand
  • Flexible configuration for your unique needs
  • Real-time reporting and export of filtered data sets
  • Easy to track progress at any time
  • Full database of all students and assessors
  • Exports and bulk downloads
  • Support when you need it
  • Yes, it’s actually fun!

Learn how to manage your portfolio assessments beautifully with Award Force

Powerful online assessment tools

View and assess in high-definition, easily score submitted work, provide feedback to students and so much more


Rich portfolio assessments

Award Force delivers an outstanding audio and visual experience that puts your assessors in the best position to review, score and feedback on portfolios.

Easy to use and incredibly beautiful, your assessors won’t want to use anything else, ever again.


    • Easy to use, no training required
    • High impact galleries for visual assessment
    • Full HD video playback
    • High fidelity audio player
    • Assessors only see the portfolios assigned to them
    • Each portfolio is all on one clear page, no clicking back-and-forth
    • Options to feedback scores and comments
    • Easy to track assessment status
    • Slideshow view for group assessment of visual material

    Discover the power of our assessment tools

    Flexible assessment forms

    Use flexible form building tools to create best-practice assessments and guide students throughout their portfolio creation experience

    Easy, sophisticated assessment forms

    Building a portfolio submission form your students will find intuitive and enjoyable is easy. Create, edit, move things around, add content and preview.


    • Powerful WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor
    • Real-time preview of what your students will see
    • Orientate students before they start
    • Provide help on a section-by-section or question-by-question basis
    • Set questions to optional or required
    • Use conditional logic to show or hide questions to students
    • Several data protection options for questions requiring special levels of protection
    • Accept any file types
    • Control what files are accepted

    See our form builder in action

    Great student experience

    Help students feel confident in their portfolio, reduce error and allow editing any time, even after submission

    Confident students

    With all the tools required to upload files, the visual indicators necessary to keep students informed and the ability to check and save submissions for later, students leave the system feeling confident their portfolio will be shown as intended.

    Students have freedom to edit and refine their portfolios right up until deadline, even after submission.


    • Easy, fast registration
    • Intuitive submission process, no training required
    • All popular audio, video and graphic formats supported
    • Help, hints and contextual information
    • Portfolios auto save while they work
    • Changes after submission
    • Preview portfolio, download PDF record

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